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OB66 Patch Notes and Megathread


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New Game Mode: Battlegrounds

Official Trailer
“Welcome to the Battlegrounds, our newest game mode. Our intrepid champions will fly by zeppelin into a massive battleground with a diverse set of environments. Players will scour the land looking for enemies, chests, and card shrines, As the deadly fog closes and Champions are forced to fight in a smaller and smaller area the battle for survival will become even more frantic. Last one standing wins.”


  • Players can now set decimal mouse and scope sensitivity.
  • Players can now toggle their loadouts to view the Bound values of each card.
  • The base free Champions have been updated. New players will have the following Champions unlocked for free: Ruckus, Jenos, Viktor, Lex, and Cassie.
    • Existing players will be granted the previous free Champions in addition to the new free Champions.
  • TDM and Onslaught have been merged into a single Queue.
  • The Frontline Pack will be disabled with OB66.
  • Chest Keys have been removed from the game.
    • Crystal refunds will be given to anyone that has keys in their inventory.
  • New: Champion Legendary Chests
    • Guarantees a Legendary Card for that Champion
  • Daily Quests and Daily Champion Chest status added to the Home screen
  • Added Facebook Live streaming option
    • Use ESC menu to activate streaming to Facebook Live from Paladins game client
    • Facebook Live streaming requires that your Hi-Rez account has been linked to a Facebook account
  • Changes to minimum specifications:
    • Paladins client will automatically launch in 64-bit if it detects it is capable of executing
    • Paladins 32-bit client will not allow players to queue to Battlegrounds, displaying a message that it requires 64-bit
    • In 64-bit: ‘High’ will now be minimum setting for various graphical settings
    • Added an option the Hirez Launcher ‘Use64’ that will turn on/off 64-bit. NOTE: Battlegrounds requires 64-bit to play.
  • Reduced Team Deathmatch preparation time from 45s to 20s
  • Big improvements to third person perspective. Many improvements and issues were addressed in preparation for Battlegrounds. Here are the major items of note:
    • Mounted camera has been brought further back
    • Fixed issue where Champion was not facing in the correct direction when firing and mounted
    • Repositioned camera when using aim down sights
    • Doubled up audio cues have been fixed
  • Quests
    • Champion Quest now appears on the right hand side
  • Classic Siege
    • Now has a minimum required level of 15.
    • Our classic Siege ruleset is the primary mode for competitive Paladins players. To promote a more balanced and fair environment, we have increased the minimum level requirement of this queue.
  • Added music for Queue Pop timer

Bug Fixes

  • General
    • Sweeping 3P fixes and improvements across the board to enhance the shooting experience.
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes the Open Again button would not unlock when its lockout timer expired
    • Fixed a bug where “Total Wins” on the profile screen could have the incorrect number of wins
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes multiple instances of the VFX and SFX of opening a chest would appear
    • Fixed a bug where the number of displayed in the Diamond and Gold Chests would differ between the Chests screen and the Chest Details screen
    • Fixed a bug where when in queue Team Deathmatch would overlap the queue timer.
    • Fixed a bug where the legendary selection screen would appear in spectate and never go away.
    • Fixed a bug where the Rooster Brewster was misaligned in the weapon preview screen.
    • Fixed a bug where the CC immunity glow would show a rectangle on some characters at some angles.
    • Fixed an issue with a message that displayed at the end of the Champion’s quest.
    • Fixed a bug with the “Obtain VIP Points” daily quest so that it now indicates that VIP points from any source will count.
    • Fixed a bug with player name positioning on the Profile screen.
    • Fixed a display issue that truncated “The Insane” title
    • Fixed a bug where the back button was not working on the competitive and leaderboard screens.
    • Fixed a bug where the legendary Icon was displayed on the scoreboard before a player had picked a legendary.
    • Fixed a bug where in Bound mode cards incorrectly indicated that they could still be leveled further.
    • Fixed a bug where chickens could reload, which is impossible because they don’t have opposable thumbs.
    • Fixed a bug with the name display of Evie and Zhin’s golden weapons.
    • Fixed a bug where mounting up while already in 3rd person would cause the camera to pop forwards.
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes the champion icon would not display on a card when looting it from a radiant chest.
    • Addressed an issue where sound effects could loop for Mending Spirits, Ancient Rage, and Immortal.
    • Fixed an issue where the movements of other players were sometimes jittery.
    • Fixed a bug where legendary card icons would not show in the end of match lobby loadouts screen or the match history.
    • Fixed a bug where the Champion Title would display multiple times as a mastery reward.
    • Fixed a bug where players could select a new loadout by disconnecting and reconnecting to a match.
    • Fixed a bug where weapon shots would false-fire immediately after dismounting.
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes the ui would display the ability to purchase multiple gold or diamond chests.
    • Fixed a bug where some first person only camera effects would be visible in third person.
    • Fixed a bug where emotes, Ice Block, and other rotationally locked abilities would rotate on other clients when the player using the ability spins their camera.
    • Fixed a bug where, when the server stops the client from firing, client was unable to try firing again.
    • Material enhancements for Androxus and Tyra Gold Weapons.
  • Ash
    • Fixed a grammatical error in the description of Rally Here.
  • Bomb King
    • Fixed a typo in the description of Demolition.
  • Buck
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes Buck would T-Pose when hitting a wall during Heroic Leap.
    • Reworded Bucking Madness to make it more clear.
  • Cassie
    • Fixed a typo in the description of Impulse.
  • Drogoz
    • Fixed a grammatical error in the description of W.Y.R.M. Jets
  • Evie
    • Fixed an inconsistent delay in Evie’s blink.
    • Fixed a bug where Evie’s blink targeter could display during Soar.
    • Fixed a wording issue for Evie’s Ice Storm.
  • Fernando
    • Fixed a bug where Fernando’s Shield wouldn’t be canceled when affected by some Crowd Control abilities, such as Fear.
    • Fixed a bug where the visual effect for Fernando’s Shield would last longer than the actual shield.**
    • Fixed a bug with Fernando where when he casted Fireball after using Shield, sometimes he would be unable to use his weapon.
  • Grohk
    • Fixed a bug where Grohk’s Healing Totem indicator was creating red squares.
    • Fixed a bug where Grohk’s totem placement indicator could appear during his ultimate.
    • Addressed an issue where Wraith could cause Grohk to be unkillable if Ghost Walk was on cooldown.
    • Addressed an issue that caused Grohk to be immune to death in unintended ways when the Wraith legendary was equipped.
    • Reworded the description of Wraith to make it more clear.
  • Grover
    • Fixed a typo in the description of Efflorescence
  • Jenos
    • Fixed a bug where Jenos’s void grip was not interrupted by Polymorph.
    • Fixed a bug with Binary Star where the card description indicated that the card did less damage than it actually did.
  • Lian
    • Fixed a bug where interrupting Lian’s reload with her altfire (valor) would cause her to not reload but still let the player try to fire.
  • Maeve
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes Maeve would respawn in the air.
  • Makoa
    • Fixed a bug where makoa could falsefire after using Dredge anchor if he fired between 0.3 and 0.4s after pulling someone.
    • Fixed a bug with Makoa’s Ancient Resolve card that caused his shell shield to last shorter than intended.
    • Reworded the description of Leviathan to make it more clear.
  • Mal’Damba
    • Fixed a typo in the description of Ripened Gourd.
  • Moji
    • Fixed a bug where players could not create Moji loadouts immediately after unlocking her.
    • Reworded the description of Snack Attack to make it more clear.
  • Ruckus
    • Fixed a bug where the Ruckus card Metal March would stack with itself.
    • Fixed a bug where the Ruckus card Proximity would stack with itself.
    • Fixed a bug where Ruckus’s missiles would stop his weapon from firing.
    • Fixed a bug where Ruckus could keep his miniguns spun up while reloading.
    • Fixed a bug where trying to fire as Ruckus while reloading would apply self-slow.
  • Seris
    • Reworded the description of Soul Collector to make it more clear.
  • Skye
    • Reworded the description for Preparation to make it more clear.
  • Talus
    • Fixed a bug with Talus’s Raging Demon legendary where the duration increase was longer than intended.
  • Terminus
    • Fixed an issue where Terminus would become invisible if he died to a golden weapon with his ultimate available at the end of a round
    • Fixed an issue with Terminus’s body parts floating when he dies with ultimate available.
  • Viktor
    • Patched a tear in V1KT0R’s pants. lol
  • Vivian
    • Fixed an issue where Vivian’s drones would move in the wrong direction based on her aim.
    • Fixed an issue where Vivian’s drones were infringing on screen space during 3rd person ADS.
  • Ying
    • Fixed a bug where Ying’s mystic skin could cause her illusions to be invisible.
    • Fixed a bug where Ying’s convention skin was not marked as Limited.
    • Fixed a bug where Ying’s Illusions would have the default accessory equipped, instead of Ying’s accessory.
    • Fixed spelling error with Ying Replicant’s Filaments
  • Zhin
    • Reworded the description of Spite to make it more clear.


Flair Kinessa
  • New base Weapon
  • Old base Weapon “Buster Rifle”: Available for 1 Gold for a limited time
Flair Lex
Flair Makoa
  • Plushy Makoa Collection: VIP current rotation
Flair Strix
  • Infiltrator (Epic)
    • Champion Skin + Weapon + Voice Pack + Spray
  • Infiltrator Strix Bundle: 600 Crystals or 95,000 VIP [6x value]
    • Infiltrator Strix
    • 20 Champion Chests
    • 10 Legendary Champion Chests
Flair Terminus
  • Jotunn (Epic)
    • Champion Skin + Weapon + Voice Pack + Spray
  • Jotunn Terminus Bundle: 500 Crystals or 80,000 VIP [4x value]
    • 10 Champion Chests
    • 5 Legendary Champion Chests
Flair Viktor
  • Reaver (Epic)
    • Available in Gold Chest
    • Champion Skin + Weapon + V1-KTOR Voice Pack + Spray


  • Rekt chest is available once again!
    • Added Lex Rekt Stingers
    • Added Drogoz DZ-03 Draco Collection


Flair Androxus
  • General
    • Increase Maximum Health from 2000 to 2100
  • Revolver
    • Recoil treatment has been adjusted
  • Reversal
    • Lowered cooldown from 16s to 14s
Flair Buck
  • Recovery
    • Increase the animation time by 0.5s
Flair Cassie
Just Breathe was a powerful legendary at all levels of play, and proved to be the most effective choice in nearly every situation. Our goal is to have multiple paths for players to take when selecting their Legendary and building their loadouts, and the previous iteration of Just Breathe did now allow for that player flexibility. Therefore, we have adjusted the bonus damage scaling to occur after 70ft, up from 0ft. This enables Just Breathe to continue to be effective at its intended design, making Cassie a more effective long range damage dealer, but allows Champions, like Flanks, to deal with her more effectively if they manage to get up close.
  • General
    • Health increased from 2200 to 2300
  • Crossbow
    • Increased damage from 650 to 680
  • Blast Shot
    • Increased Projectile speed
    • No longer reduces healing.
  • Just Breathe
    • 70ft Threshold before damage starts scaling
    • Level 1 damage decreased from 42.5% to 22%
    • Level 4 damage decreased from 50% to 30%
    • Level 10 damage decreased from 65% to 40%
  • Kinetics
    • Now reduces healing by 9% per rank.
Flair Fernando
  • General
    • Now looks more beautiful than ever in the lobby
  • Immortal
    • No longer requires line of sight
Flair Grohk
Grohk fills a unique role as a Support in Paladins. With a strong burst heal, consistent damage output, and high survivability, he is very effective at controlling objectives. Grohk not only has the highest win rate of any Support Champion, but also one of the highest win rates across all champions, skill levels, and queues. We have reduced the health on Healing Totem to allow players a better opportunity to counter Grohk’s burst healing, and lowered his base health and the internal cooldown on Wraith to hit his survivability.
  • General
    • Reduced health from 2500 to 2400
  • Healing Totem
    • Reduced health from 1500 to 1000
  • Totemic Ward
    • Decreased healing buff to totem by 10%
  • Wraith
    • Increased internal cooldown by 15s
Flair Grover
Efflorescence was scaling two effects instead of one. It has changed to be in line with other legendaries and now will only scale healing value.
  • Throwing Axe
    • Damage reduced from 330 to 300
  • Efflorescence
    • Passive healing radius is no longer scalable with level
    • Now increases passive healing radius by 50%
Flair Kinessa
We have made changes to Kinessa’s unscoped Sniper Rifle to improve overall feel. We have also made sweeping changes to Oppressor Mines and related cards to reduce frustration caused from the ability. Oppressor Mines now act as a secondary damage source that has options for added utility.
  • Sniper Rifle
    • Decreased falloff in Carbine Mode
    • Increased initial Accuracy of Carbine Mode
    • Increased ammo from 20 to 24
  • Oppressor Mine
    • Removed Bonus Damage from hitting enemies affected by Oppressor Mines with Carbine
    • No longer applies a slow to enemies
    • Damage increased from 20 per second to 100 per second
    • Increased velocity of Mine when thrown
  • Suppression
    • Changed to: “Oppressor Mines may now target 2 additional enemies. Deal {22|2}% more damage to affect targets when in Sniper Mode.”
    • Level 4 value: 30% damage
  • Well Stocked
    • Changed to: “Throwing an Oppressor Mine regenerates 1 ammo every 0.5s for {1|1}s.”
    • Level 4 value: 4s
  • Octoppressor
    • Changed to: “Enemies affected by Oppressor Mine receive {8|8}% less healing.”
    • Level 4 value: 32% healing reduction.
  • Amplitude
    • Decreased Oppressor Mine range increase from 15% per level to 10% per level
Flair Mal’Damba
  • Wekono’s Curse
    • Lowered Damage values
    • Level 1 from 595 to 440
    • Level 4 from 700 to 560
    • Level 10 from 910 to 800
Flair Pip
Escape artist was an underused card that had a big trade-off. While it could have powerful results, we have normalized it to make it a clear benefit to the player.
  • Escape Artist
    • Removed the ability for Escape Artist to cancel Weightless
    • Gain {3|3}% damage reduction during Weightless.
    • Level 4 value: 12% Damage Reduction.
Flair Sha Lin
Sha Lin’s illusions have been removed in order to improve clarity around his abilities.
  • Withdraw
    • No longer leaves an “illusion” of Sha Lin
  • Heat Haze
    • No longer leaves “illusions” of Sha Lin and Instead reveals him for 0.5s
Flair Talus
Talus’ strength resides in high burst potential over short periods of time. We’re happy with Talus’ lethality and his overall hit-and-run style, but the rate at which he does it was a little too high.
  • Blitz Upper
    • Increased Cooldown from 8s to 10s
  • Overcharge
    • Increased Cooldown from 8s to 10s
Flair Viktor
  • Frag Grenade
    • Increased projectile speed
Flair Willo
  • General
    • In response to player feedback Willo has received a new default voice.
    • Fixed a bug where the Deadzone projectile would not properly deal damage if it did not hit directly.
    • Fixed a bug where Deadzone did not have damage falloff for its AoE hit.
  • Seedling
    • Fixed a bug in the description that indicated Seedling did 500 damage instead of 400 damage.
Flair Ying
We have made changes to Ying’s weapon in order to improve player experience in long distance engagements. The increase in Illusionary Mirror’s Maximum Range will allow players to continue to heal from a safe distance, and actively participate in fights.
  • Illusory Mirror
    • Increased maximum range from 100 to 300
    • Damage now begins to fall off at 100 ft.
  • Life Exchange
    • Now also reduces the Cooldown of Shatter by 1s.

Public Test Server

Information on how to access the Public Test Server can be found here.
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Tier list of how good every champion is VS Imani's Dragon

Imani is causing quite the ruckus in the realm, namely through her ultimate, which has been the source of teamwipe after teamwipe. While it is very strong, it is also very counterable, such as through buying bulldozer or having a stealthy flanker go round and kill her. But, these aren't always viable options, so for those of you out there that REALLY hate Imani's dragon, here's a tier list, as there are some champions that can wreck it fairly easily, while some who's best option is to just run away and pray to the pyre for safety.
Here are some basic dragon stats:
Generally, you want to be staying as far away from the dragon as possible - get too close and you'll be melted. For this reason, mobility is highly valued. You also won't be using CC abilities, and almost all heals are out-damaged by the dragon pretty easily. Keep in mind that the dragon is THICC AF, and cannot strafe or dodge to save it's life - because of this, requiring good aim, or skill at leading shots won't really be considered. Because you'll want to damage the dragon at range, many attacks, particularly hitscan ones, will be hurt by damage falloff. This tier list won't really be considering flanking Imani as an option, as sometimes this is just not possible to realistically achieve.
This list is of course very subjective and up for debate. I obviously haven't tried every single champion VS Imani or vice versa, so much of this list is speculative.


Tier Champions
S Skye
A+ Cassie Drogoz
A Androxus Evie Koga Kinessa Lian
A- Ash Dredge Fernando Imani Maeve Ruckus Sha Lin Strix
B+ Bomb King Furia Lex Makoa Talus Viktor Vivian
B Inara Seris Tyra Zhin
B- Grover Jenos Terminus Ying
C Grohk Mal'Damba Pip Willo
D Barik Khan Torvald
F Buck Moji
Cassie: B - A+ (Neglection of Big Game)
Lian: A+ - A (Just favoured her a little too much)
Sha Lin: B - A- (Planted deals more damage than I thought)

S(kye) Tier

Skye: Skye is such a fantastic dragon counter that she's in a tier of her own. Firstly, her poison bolts - provided you're running debilitate, which you should be running as Skye anyway, each use tears through 2925 of the dragon's 7500 HP - plus it's on a 3s cooldown with Poisoner V. Three sets of poison bolts, which will take you about 7s to get out, and the dragon is solo'd. Also, I know I said I wasn't going to talk about flanking Imani, but... she has stealth. A lot of it. Lasting 7.5s by default, she is one of the best champions for flanking round to kill Imani early, provided you use the stealth and go in for the kill without Imani seeing you in time. Her ultimate can also be good in a pinch, but you rarely need it.

A+ Tier

Cassie: Her long range dragon-deleting powers are pretty stellar, not only due to her lack of damage Falloff, but Big Game allows you deal 1430 damage per shot to the dragon, which makes her the most efficient dragon deleter in the game. Her lack of good mobility and other useful abilities is what holds her back from S tier.
Drogoz: What better way to counter a dragon with another scary flying fire-breathing lizard who may or may not also be a dragon? Dragon Punch is indeed a near guaranteed kill as long as you're careful. But, you don't always want to use your ultimate just to counter another one, especially one as good as Drogoz's, but he's good for more than just his ultimate, boasting good mobility and high-range damage that isn't affected by damage falloff.

A Tier

Androxus: He has a few things going for him. His basic attack, while hit hard by damage falloff at range, still has the highest DPS in the game. Reversal is pretty great against Imani's that either don't know you have it up or don't know how it works - it allows you to block all it's damage for 1.4 seconds and spit out up to 1785 if she keeps shooting you. Also, Androxus has very good mobility. Just don't go for punches and you'll be good.
Evie: Like Drogoz, Evie's weapon can deal good damage at long range which is unaffected by falloff. Unlike Drogoz, she has fantastic survivability, with 2 very potent mobility abilities and Ice Block to grant damage immunity for 3s. She places lower than Drogoz due to the lack of a free counter ultimate.
Koga: Just an all-around good counter. His DPS is high and his mobility is very good. He also has his ultimate, which is niche VS the dragon, but it does grant 3s of damage immunity and can do good damage in certain specific situations, especially with Blood Reaper - but you don't really want to be using that.
Kinessa: Snipers are good. Long-range damage is always great against the dragon, and that just so happens to be what snipers are all about. She also has surprisingly good mobility, but unfortunately a useless ultimate and ability.
Lian: A fairly recent Lian build has her running Eminence and Heraldry V, which allows her to spam Presence a lot and deal more damage at range - both of which you really want against that dragon. Plus, since it counts as a weapon attack, it is affected by bulldozer. Her ultimate is also handy if the dragon is low and you need to survive.

A- Tier

Ash: Our first Tank, Ash has a great combination of survivability and mobility with Battering Ram, allowing her to escape from the dragon fairly easily provided she's in an open area, which Ash can plan ahead of time to an extent. Also, her ultimate is of course great - 8s of damage immunity which the dragon can't do anything about. Just don't use it too late or else you'll be fried in the air. Having tank HP is also good. Unfortunately, she can't put any of her CC to use, and her DPS is very low.
Dredge: While lacking in the range department compared to Drogoz and Evie, he does have high DPS and an Ultimate which can actually be put to use if the Dragon chases you into a tight space, as well as good mobility if you plan properly.
Fernando: This high up pretty much solely for his Ultimate, which can prevent his entire team from dying for it's duration, giving a grouped up team four whole seconds to pump bullets into it without fear. This one would require good communication, but it'd be beautiful if I ever saw it pulled off. Fernando also boasts tank HP and a shield, although one which won't save him for long. His weapon also has very little range and damage.
Imani: Fight fire with fire. Your ultimate can be a good shout if you foresee the enemy dragon causing a lot of damage, provided you are in a good position to use it and the enemy dragon uses their ultimate first, as that increases your chances. But, you typically want to avoid using one of the best ultimates in the game just to counter another one - but, don't fear, because Imani also boasts good long range damage with her two basic attacks and inferno cannon. Unfortunately though, Frostfire Glide isn't going to save your life.
Maeve: Maeve pretty much has the holy trio. Decent damage basic attacks with no falloff, very high mobility, and a surprisingly good ultimate, which can blind the dragon and put it out of commission for 4s, giving your team time to pile on damage. Unfortunately though, if you do get caught, you are made of paper.
Ruckus: Compared to other tanks, Ruckus sports high DPS and decent mobility. He also has Hexa Fire at his disposal, which deals a colossal 4000 DPS and shreds through dragons in less than two seconds. Just be careful using it, as it locks you in place, so use it before it's too late if you do wish to use it.
Sha Lin: Like the Snipers, he deals long range damage with no falloff. Unlike the snipers, his DPS actually sucks ass, but that's okay - he has planted to make up for it, dealing very high DPS with the potential to slay an entire dragon with a single use with bulldozer. It is a little risky though due to the inability to move during it.
Strix: Just like Kinessa, Strix is a sniper, and snipers are good. He does have Stealth, which Kinessa does not, and that's great as confounding the dragon, but Strix is actually surprisingly loud in stealth. He also has no mobility and, like Kinessa, an ultimate that does nothing. He's up here for the sniper alone.

B+ Tier

Bomb King: Very potent basic attacks, dealing the most DPS of all the blasters while still having good range. The reason he's comparatively lower than other blasters VS the dragon is because that's pretty much all he has. His ultimate is too risky and ineffective, CC doesn't work, and his mobility isn't too good.
Furia: Our first support, Furia is the only healer in the game with the power to outheal the dragon without an ultimate, which can save a single crucial target from death and give them a bit of time to pack on damage - just hope the enemies don't pile on too much cauterize. Furia also has a very handy ultimate that will make taking down the dragon just a bit easier. However, just like all supports, she's vulnerable. And her damage is alright at best. But she's still the best support out there for dragon hunting.
Lex: Lex has pretty good DPS, and he also has retribution - if he's lucky and gets Imani as his target, he can track down exactly where she is and kill her - granted he can reach her without being burned to a frosty crisp. Thing is, I don't know if Lex's ultimate works against the Dragon - if it does, he places higher, if not, lower. For now I'm putting him in the middle ground - if any of you know, please tell me.
Makoa: He has the best shield in the game as it's the only one that covers him from all angles, acting as a great barrier to yourself and potentially teammates too, buying a good chunk of time. He can buy even more time with his ultimate, but that can be risky as you're restricted to melee. Makoa is just good at buying time.
Talus: The ska'drin boy offers very good DPS with Overcharge and a potent escape with rune of travel. That's about it though - his ultimate and punch both won't be much help.
Viktor: Burst Mode allows Viktor to deal some pretty solid damage at high range, and hustle offers good mobility due to the lack of a cooldown, although it's not fast enough to escape the dragon most of the time. It's also unfortunate that his ultimate does nothing to the dragon as it would be a good counter otherwise.
Vivian: Like Viktor, but she trades in mobility for a very potent dragon killing ultimate. That's all I have to say about her.

B Tier

Inara: An invincible wall in certain niche situations. Earthen Guard, combined with Mother's Grace and a potent healer standing at safety such as Mortal Reach Seris, can actually allow Inara to survive frostfire breath to the face. Also, she can block of certain chokepoints the dragon may try to go through with impasse, as that wall is a tough nut to crack for even the dragon. However, both these situations are rather rare, preventing Inara to be a reliable dragon slayer.
Seris: Has one of the best escapes in the game when it comes to dragon evasion - she can play some serious mind games with the dragon. Unfortunately, that's it - weak damage, useless ultimate, no mobility, and her heals although potent are not enough.
Tyra: If you could mark the dragon, instant A+ tier. Unfortunately, you can't. She still has a good weapon though, and her ultimate shreds. She is held back by her damage falloff, and of course, her complete lack of mobility.
Zhin: Zhin's range is pretty bad, so you won't be dealing much damage to the dragon, but at least he's good at running away and blocking damage.

B- Tier

Grover: You'd think Grover would be great against the dragon since his attacks deal more damage at long range, which is perfect. Unfortunately, this doesn't actually work against deployables, the dragon included, giving him the lowest Dragon DPS™ of all the champions. Grover's ultimate is the only heal ability that isn't a celestial beam that can outheal the damage, but that's only if you are completely clear of any cauterize. But hey, that and his okay mobility is what is keeping him out of F tier.
Jenos: You might think that Jenos's ultimate would be an easy free kill against Imani to instantly end the ultimate provided you know where it is, but it actually doesn't affect her - i watched it fail completely first hand, so unless that was a bug, Imani just has immunity to huge celestial laser beams cast by gods. Jenos does boast good mobility, but that's about it - his weapon is alright if you use Binary Star. But like... don't use binary star.
Terminus: Our poor tortured boy obviously has no range to speak of on his basic attack as well as pretty much no horizontal mobility, which you'd think would be an automatic F tier, but his barrier is actually very good against the dragon as it is omnidirectional and absorbs infinite damage over it's duration, so he can use it to very easily buy time. His Ultimate is also very nice as a free revival, but it can be risky.
Ying: Ying can have very good mobility, it just depends on... a lot of factors. That's about it for her, but her basic attack does have surprisingly good range.

C Tier

Grohk: We have now reached support hell. Grohk's heals are of course ineffective, his DPS isn't high enough to make up for it's limited range, he has no mobility and his only method of self-defense is only going to prolong his death by one second. His single saving grace is his ultimate, helping your teammates retreat, but the speed boost it grants isn't always enough, and the heals certainly aren't either. But you could be really selfish and just use it for yourself.
Mal'Damba: His basic attack is very similar to Grohk's in terms of range and DPS, which obviously isn't good, and his ultimate does nothing. At least he has some kind of mobility.
Pip: Pip has good mobility and that is it. Not enough DPS, healing potion will rarely save anyone despite being a big burst heal, and Pip's crem dela crem, Evil Mojo, does... nothing. Ew.
Willo: She has basic attacks with good range. Also, her DPS is the lowest of all the damage champions, Flutter is weak, Dead Zone does absolutely nothing, neither does Seedling 99% of the time, and her ultimate is just going to make you more of a sitting duck in it's current state.

D Tier

Barik: His basic attacks have some amount of range with Tinkerin, his ultimate can prolong his death by a couple of seconds, and he has above average HP. That's it.
Khan: His basic attacks are hit too hard by damage falloff. His shield is too small and the dragon can just fly over you. At least he can get 1s of damage immunity and a small heal to go with it, because that's his only redeeming quality.
Torvald: Okay basic attacks, tank HP, and a shield that will on very rare occasions help someone. Nothing else of value.

F Tier

Buck: Terrible range and damage. Heroic leap is average mobility and everything else he has will not help you at all.
Moji: Funny how arguably the two lowest tier champions in the game are also the two lowest on this list. Moji in here the same reason as Buck, although she at least gets a bit of damage immunity. To prolong her inevitable demise by two seconds.
I honestly don't know why I spent an entire evening on this. Please send help.
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Sharing a simple power control GUI

Been using a version of this with normal buttons for a long time but recently decided I wanted to make it a little better looking. Figured I'd share it with you guys, feel free to make recommendations of course :)
#NOTRAYICON Folder := A_temp "\power icons" If !FileExist( Folder ) { FileCreateDir, %Folder% } If !FileExist( Folder "\hibernate.png" ) { Extract_hibernatepng( Folder "\hibernate.png" ) while !FileExist( Folder "\hibernate.png" ) Sleep, 500 } If !FileExist( Folder "\logoff.png" ) { Extract_logoffpng( Folder "\logoff.png" ) while !FileExist( Folder "\logoff.png" ) Sleep, 500 } If !FileExist( Folder "\power.png" ) { Extract_powerpng( Folder "\power.png" ) while !FileExist( Folder "\power.png" ) Sleep, 500 } If !FileExist( Folder "\reboot.png" ) { Extract_rebootpng( Folder "\reboot.png" ) while !FileExist( Folder "\reboot.png" ) Sleep, 500 } If !FileExist( Folder "\sleep.png" ) { Extract_sleeppng( Folder "\sleep.png" ) while !FileExist( Folder "\sleep.png" ) Sleep, 500 } Gui,+AlwaysOnTop -Caption Gui +LastFound DllCall("uxtheme\SetWindowThemeAttribute", "ptr", WinExist() , "int", 1, "int64*", 6 | 6<<32, "uint", 8) SysGet, Mon1, Monitor, 1 x = % Mon1Left + (Mon1Right*.33) y = % Mon1Bottom *.33 Gui, Show, X%x% Y%y% w640 h128, Power Control textcolor = black WinSet, TransColor, F0F0F0 ;Gui, Add, Button, x9 y0 w100 h30 , Log Off Gui, Add, Picture, x0 y0 w128 h128 +BackgroundTrans vT1, %Folder%\logoff.png Gui, Add, Text, x0 y0 w128 h128 c%textcolor% gtxtbutton1, ;Gui, Add, Button, x129 y0 w100 h30 , Reboot Gui, Add, Picture, x128 y0 w128 h128 +BackgroundTrans vT2, %Folder%\reboot.png Gui, Add, Text, x128 y0 w128 h128 c%textcolor% gtxtbutton2, ;Gui, Add, Button, x249 y0 w100 h30 , Sleep Gui, Add, Picture, x256 y0 w128 h128 +BackgroundTrans vT3, %Folder%\sleep.png Gui, Add, Text, x256 y0 w128 h128 c%textcolor% gtxtbutton3, ;Gui, Add, Button, x369 y0 w100 h30 , Hibernate Gui, Add, Picture, x384 y0 w128 h128 +BackgroundTrans vT4, %Folder%\hibernate.png Gui, Add, Text, x384 y0 w128 h128 c%textcolor% gtxtbutton4, ;Gui, Add, Button, x489 y0 w100 h30 , Shut Down Gui, Add, Picture, x512 y0 w128 h128 +BackgroundTrans vT5, %Folder%\power.png Gui, Add, Text, x512 y0 w128 h128 c%textcolor% gtxtbutton5, Return escape:: GuiClose: ExitApp txtbutton1: buttonLogOff: shutdown, 0 RETURN txtbutton2: buttonReboot: shutdown, 2 RETURN txtbutton3: buttonSleep: DllCall("PowrProf\SetSuspendState", "int", 0, "int", 0, "int", 0) RETURN txtbutton4: buttonHibernate: DllCall("PowrProf\SetSuspendState", "int", 1, "int", 0, "int", 0) Return txtbutton5: buttonShutDown: shutdown, 9 RETURN hibernatepng_Get(_What) { Static Size = 3042, Name = "hibernate.png", Extension = "png", Directory = "" , Options = "Size,Name,Extension,Directory" ;This function returns the size(in bytes), name, filename, extension or directory of the file stored depending on what you ask for. If (InStr("," Options ",", "," _What ",")) Return %_What% } Extract_hibernatepng(_Filename, _DumpData = 0) { ;This function "extracts" the file to the location+name you pass to it. Static HasData = 1, Out_Data, Ptr Static 1 = "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" If (!HasData) Return -1 If (!Out_Data){ Ptr := A_IsUnicode ? "Ptr" : "UInt" , VarSetCapacity(TD, 4168 * (A_IsUnicode ? 2 : 1)) Loop, 1 TD .= %A_Index%, %A_Index% := "" VarSetCapacity(Out_Data, Bytes := 3042, 0) , DllCall("Crypt32.dll\CryptStringToBinary" (A_IsUnicode ? "W" : "A"), Ptr, &TD, "UInt", 0, "UInt", 1, Ptr, &Out_Data, A_IsUnicode ? "UIntP" : "UInt*", Bytes, "Int", 0, "Int", 0, "CDECL Int") , TD := "" } IfExist, %_Filename% FileDelete, %_Filename% h := DllCall("CreateFile", Ptr, &_Filename, "Uint", 0x40000000, "Uint", 0, "UInt", 0, "UInt", 4, "Uint", 0, "UInt", 0) , DllCall("WriteFile", Ptr, h, Ptr, &Out_Data, "UInt", 3042, "UInt", 0, "UInt", 0) , DllCall("CloseHandle", Ptr, h) If (_DumpData) VarSetCapacity(Out_Data, 3042, 0) , VarSetCapacity(Out_Data, 0) , HasData := 0 } logoffpng_Get(_What) { Static Size = 4435, Name = "logoff.png", Extension = "png", Directory = "" , Options = "Size,Name,Extension,Directory" ;This function returns the size(in bytes), name, filename, extension or directory of the file stored depending on what you ask for. If (InStr("," Options ",", "," _What ",")) Return %_What% } Extract_logoffpng(_Filename, _DumpData = 0) { ;This function "extracts" the file to the location+name you pass to it. Static HasData = 1, Out_Data, Ptr Static 1 = "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If (!HasData) Return -1 If (!Out_Data){ Ptr := A_IsUnicode ? "Ptr" : "UInt" , VarSetCapacity(TD, 6076 * (A_IsUnicode ? 2 : 1)) Loop, 1 TD .= %A_Index%, %A_Index% := "" VarSetCapacity(Out_Data, Bytes := 4435, 0) , DllCall("Crypt32.dll\CryptStringToBinary" (A_IsUnicode ? "W" : "A"), Ptr, &TD, "UInt", 0, "UInt", 1, Ptr, &Out_Data, A_IsUnicode ? "UIntP" : "UInt*", Bytes, "Int", 0, "Int", 0, "CDECL Int") , TD := "" } IfExist, %_Filename% FileDelete, %_Filename% h := DllCall("CreateFile", Ptr, &_Filename, "Uint", 0x40000000, "Uint", 0, "UInt", 0, "UInt", 4, "Uint", 0, "UInt", 0) , DllCall("WriteFile", Ptr, h, Ptr, &Out_Data, "UInt", 4435, "UInt", 0, "UInt", 0) , DllCall("CloseHandle", Ptr, h) If (_DumpData) VarSetCapacity(Out_Data, 4435, 0) , VarSetCapacity(Out_Data, 0) , HasData := 0 } powerpng_Get(_What) { Static Size = 2896, Name = "power.png", Extension = "png", Directory = "" , Options = "Size,Name,Extension,Directory" ;This function returns the size(in bytes), name, filename, extension or directory of the file stored depending on what you ask for. If (InStr("," Options ",", "," _What ",")) Return %_What% } Extract_powerpng(_Filename, _DumpData = 0) { ;This function "extracts" the file to the location+name you pass to it. Static HasData = 1, Out_Data, Ptr Static 1 = "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" If (!HasData) Return -1 If (!Out_Data){ Ptr := A_IsUnicode ? "Ptr" : "UInt" , VarSetCapacity(TD, 3968 * (A_IsUnicode ? 2 : 1)) Loop, 1 TD .= %A_Index%, %A_Index% := "" VarSetCapacity(Out_Data, Bytes := 2896, 0) , DllCall("Crypt32.dll\CryptStringToBinary" (A_IsUnicode ? "W" : "A"), Ptr, &TD, "UInt", 0, "UInt", 1, Ptr, &Out_Data, A_IsUnicode ? "UIntP" : "UInt*", Bytes, "Int", 0, "Int", 0, "CDECL Int") , TD := "" } IfExist, %_Filename% FileDelete, %_Filename% h := DllCall("CreateFile", Ptr, &_Filename, "Uint", 0x40000000, "Uint", 0, "UInt", 0, "UInt", 4, "Uint", 0, "UInt", 0) , DllCall("WriteFile", Ptr, h, Ptr, &Out_Data, "UInt", 2896, "UInt", 0, "UInt", 0) , DllCall("CloseHandle", Ptr, h) If (_DumpData) VarSetCapacity(Out_Data, 2896, 0) , VarSetCapacity(Out_Data, 0) , HasData := 0 } rebootpng_Get(_What) { Static Size = 5628, Name = "reboot.png", Extension = "png", Directory = "" , Options = "Size,Name,Extension,Directory" ;This function returns the size(in bytes), name, filename, extension or directory of the file stored depending on what you ask for. If (InStr("," Options ",", "," _What ",")) Return %_What% } Extract_rebootpng(_Filename, _DumpData = 0) { ;This function "extracts" the file to the location+name you pass to it. Static HasData = 1, Out_Data, Ptr Static 1 = "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If (!HasData) Return -1 If (!Out_Data){ Ptr := A_IsUnicode ? "Ptr" : "UInt" , VarSetCapacity(TD, 7711 * (A_IsUnicode ? 2 : 1)) Loop, 1 TD .= %A_Index%, %A_Index% := "" VarSetCapacity(Out_Data, Bytes := 5628, 0) , DllCall("Crypt32.dll\CryptStringToBinary" (A_IsUnicode ? "W" : "A"), Ptr, &TD, "UInt", 0, "UInt", 1, Ptr, &Out_Data, A_IsUnicode ? "UIntP" : "UInt*", Bytes, "Int", 0, "Int", 0, "CDECL Int") , TD := "" } IfExist, %_Filename% FileDelete, %_Filename% h := DllCall("CreateFile", Ptr, &_Filename, "Uint", 0x40000000, "Uint", 0, "UInt", 0, "UInt", 4, "Uint", 0, "UInt", 0) , DllCall("WriteFile", Ptr, h, Ptr, &Out_Data, "UInt", 5628, "UInt", 0, "UInt", 0) , DllCall("CloseHandle", Ptr, h) If (_DumpData) VarSetCapacity(Out_Data, 5628, 0) , VarSetCapacity(Out_Data, 0) , HasData := 0 } sleeppng_Get(_What) { Static Size = 2708, Name = "sleep.png", Extension = "png", Directory = "" , Options = "Size,Name,Extension,Directory" ;This function returns the size(in bytes), name, filename, extension or directory of the file stored depending on what you ask for. If (InStr("," Options ",", "," _What ",")) Return %_What% } Extract_sleeppng(_Filename, _DumpData = 0) { ;This function "extracts" the file to the location+name you pass to it. Static HasData = 1, Out_Data, Ptr Static 1 = "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" If (!HasData) Return -1 If (!Out_Data){ Ptr := A_IsUnicode ? 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